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Home Renovation Trends 2023

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With 2023 coming to an end we witnessed some of the most interesting, innovative, and beautiful trends that people tried for their home renovations, from multipurpose furniture in home offices to fancy mirrors in the bathroom. In this article, we will discuss some of the most practical and aesthetically looking trends that you can still adopt while stepping into 2024.

Laundry Room.

The laundry room was one of the areas that got the most practical changes and updates along with the aesthetic ones. Due to the rising rents and housing costs, people came up with creative ideas to use the laundry area to its fullest. People converted them into multipurpose areas by using small portions of the laundry areas for pet washing or crafting areas.

Also for the year 2023, the market was full of smart appliance options focusing on ease of use, sustainability, and multitasking. One of the most sought-after laundry room gadgets was a WiFi-connected washing machine. As for the aesthetics, using bold colors was in trend, it gives a unique look and resists those stubborn stains. Something that everyone would love! 

Home offices

Since Covid-19, work-from-home jobs are in demand in the market. At least in demand and highly sought after by employees. It saves time and money and you don’t have to be formally dressed on a daily basis. This hurt some companies as employees became more casual which eventually led to low performances. After strict actions from some companies, employees have gotten serious regarding their work-from-home jobs. There’s an increasing trend of turning small spaces into lavish, corporate-looking offices which can be used as a background for a more professional look during online meetings and conferences. 

People who had extra space in their homes like an empty backyard, have created separate rooms and turned them into permanent offices. This gives a perfect working environment where you can fully focus on the work you are doing. Those who did not have the privilege of extra space came up with other innovative ideas. Multifunctional furniture was on the hit list for people working from home as a convertible chair and table helped them utilize their limited available spaces.

Most of the work-from-home jobs were related to IT, one of the most stressful and ever-changing industries. People with home-based IT jobs used bright and colorful wallpapers to get a refreshing sight. In our opinion, this is something timeless that you can still go for in 2024.

Living room

There’s an increasing trend where people like to have a personal and isolated space for themselves. The desire for seclusion and privacy at times is rapidly increasing especially in younger generations due to the rising depression rates in our society. This emotional change has also shown significant changes in the preferences for residential home renovation.

People are now requiring a smaller more cozy living room where they can spend time with only very close people or in most cases just spend time alone. This is also heavily influenced by the emotional escape room trends. For most people, a comfortable chair, sofa or anything like it is a must, accompanied by a fireplace or a heater. 

Cozy texture, dim golden lights, and the use of wooden texture in furniture are in demand as they all comprehensively give a very warm comforting environment.


The bathroom is one of the most visited places in a home. Whether it be for shower, washing your pet, getting ready in the morning, or attending nature’s call. That much-visited place should have your attention when designing your home as it will have a positive effect on your daily mood.

People did take bathroom design seriously in 2023. The most aesthetically looking trend was the addition of unique round mirrors with lights. These mirrors often come with black and golden edges and with built-in lights on the boundary. These aesthetic round mirrors highlight your overall basin area and add a great elegant touch 

For the bathroom walls, terrazzo tiles were a top trend. It comes in almost every colour and its distinct stone-textured tiles come in all sizes. Another rocky/earthy addition to people’s bathroom was the addition of anthracite rock. Anthracite is the finest type of coal, consisting of almost all of carbon. It’s brittle, and hard and apart from its clean-burning properties, it is also liked a lot by people for home decor. In 2023 it was one of people’s favorite additions to their bathrooms and should be in 2024, because of its versatility. 

Basins, without which a bathroom is incomplete. If you have one of those fancy round mirrors with built-in lights, we highly recommend getting one of these most trendy basins to go with them. This basin trend again was influenced by the need to utilize the space properly. This made stand-alone basins the people’s choice. They come in different shapes and sizes from cylindrical to box shape. While saving you a lot of room to place other things it adds to the overall beauty of the bathroom.


The kitchen is arguably one of the most loved and desired parts of the home. It’s where you cook food for your family, and everyone gathers to have food together. This is where most of the conversations occur, sometimes leading to wonderful and unforgettable family moments. People did give a lot of attention to the detailing of their kitchens in 2023.

The most trendy thing was opting out of the upper cabinets. Yes, the most common and the oldest kitchen format is where you have upper cabinets to store cutlery and other things. There was a huge trend of going for lower options to place kitchen items. It wasn’t just having the cabinets below the kitchen countertop. The cabinets were replaced by furniture-style drawers. These drawers can be easily slid out and slid in and you don’t have to get on your toes to see the highest-placed item as you would with upper cabinets.

With sliding drawers placed below, you have a clear view of what is inside each drawer and can easily take out and place things back without much difficulty. This trend not only was unique but very practical and convenient too. That is why we recommend going for it in 2024 and onwards as it will ease up your life in the kitchen.