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In the ever-changing world, home remodeling has become more than just a trend. It is for transforming your spaces for elegance and enhancing their worth. It is a transformative journey that goes beyond elegance to meet homeowners’ needs and desires. If you are one such person agitated with your residential space and want to add some additions to it, contact Hue Renew Painting right away. We are professional home remodelers providing exceptional home remodeling services in various areas of Oregon. Whether you want us to replace the damaged cabinets in your kitchen area, the dull and dusted floors of your landscape, or fix the cracked walls, we can do it for you. The thing that makes us the best in the town are our high professionalism, customer-oriented services, certified workforce, and fair pricing. To enhance the functionality of your spaces we can smartly add the additions to your living spaces. As customers are always right and are family to us, we offer customized services. Our remodelers visit your space and ask you about your preferences. We fully analyze your budget and provide the most suitable options to you that suits your desires and are well with in your budget. Exteriors are places where people want to spend their evenings with their loved ones. To assist you with establishing a welcoming external atmosphere we can add exciting landscapes, paint them with glowing colors, and add other pleasing enhancements. With changing family dynamics need for new rooms and additions is a need. If you want us to add some new additions to your home structure, we can do it for you with ease.

The areas in which we are operational are Portland, OR, Happy Valley, OR Beaverton, OR, Lake Oswego, OR, Clackamas, OR, Damascus, OR, Tigard, OR, Tualatin, OR, West Linn, OR, Boring, OR. You can call us anytime!

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Kitchen Remodeling Services

The kitchen is said to be the heart of any house. It has great importance because, besides meal preparation, it is a hub of family gatherings and a place of creativity. If your kitchen is outdated and there are issues of space, you need not worry about it. We are here to help you out with our kitchen remodeling services. Our remodelers are known for their exceptional knowledge and skills. We can transform your congested kitchen into a spacious one. We will upgrade your kitchen cabinets by adding upgraded appliances to your walls. We will add a modern look by adding modern cabinets and luxurious countertops. This is to ensure that we care for our customers and create a space that is well-suited for their needs. As smart appliances have taken the world to a blast, we are up for it as well. The smart appliances and innovations that we will install can uplift your kitchen’s functionality to certainly a new level. From smart refrigerators to touchless faucets, these additions will not only make your daily tasks more convenient but also bring your kitchen into the modern age. To upgrade your kitchen’s elegance level, we will add the best paints to your walls, this won’t refresh your mood but also will provide a spacious look to your kitchen. If you want to add a flooring option to your kitchen, we are up for it as well. Our remodelers will add remarkable flooring that is as per your desires. Want to enjoy a kitchen that is a blend of comfort and class? Call us right now!

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Bathroom renovation service

Bathroom Remodeling Services

The bathroom is a place where you spend a lot of your daily time. It must be a place where you find peace and comfort. To enjoy your relaxing time over there it is extremely important that everything there is up to mark and working perfectly. Leaky plumbing fixtures and old-fashioned faucets indeed show an ugly look. If your bathroom is not as per your liking and you want to add a touch of class to it. It is high time you must contact us. Our remodelers are trained professionals and can fix any sort of plumbing emergency. Whether you want a contemporary design or a classic look in your bathroom we can do it for you. We will install the tiles of new patterns, stylish vanities, and durable plumbing fixtures. Our remodelers promise to add a visually appealing and classy design to your bathroom. To save you from high utility bills we will install water-saving faucets and low-flow toilets that are extremely reliable. The bathroom is a personal place and its design should reflect your desires and preferences. This is why we offer personalized and customized services as well. We let you choose the features, colors, and layouts that are according to your taste and preferred style. We help you choose customized vanities, creative tile patterns, and other personal touches in your bathroom. This will reflect your taste and the colors of your personality. The bathroom is one of the most noticed places and homeowners often look for them. This is why investing in a bathroom not only uplifts its functionality but also increases its worth. Hiring us would help you achieve both of them as we are an extremely affordable and certified company. We offer fair price quotes that cover everything in between them and don’t overcharge our customers. Call us right away and hire our premium bathroom remodeling services now!

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What They’re Saying About Our Work

E and J Motors
E and J Motors
Very fair priced and did honest work. Devin the owner always took my calls and was happy to work with me every step of the way.
Martha Williamson
Martha Williamson
Reliable, responsive, and they do good work. I will definitely hire them again!
Matt Burkett
Matt Burkett
I'd hired a cheap outfit to paint the interior of my house, after a week they hadn't done much other than fill it with cigarette smoke, and track mud and paint all over the place. When they requested another pay advancement I told them to leave. I called hue renew and could tell immediately they were honest and professional. They went over costs with me in a clear manner i could understand without feeling like i was getting ripped off. Before they even started they cleaned up the huge mess left behind, free of charge. They did such an incredible job, they were extremely detail oriented, leaving every line looking crisp and beautiful. I'm so happy I called them, I'll never have anyone else paint for me again and I'm definitely recommending them to all my friends and family.
Rachel K.
Rachel K.
Hue Renew Painting LLC owner Devin and his team are wonderful. In fact they are miracle workers. Devin was able to find a couple boxes of rare cedar shakes to replace portions of our old siding. This alone made us very happy. Then he referred us to Jose who was able to install them and replace our failing wheelchair ramp and railing prior to painting. Jose even updated our shudders to an attractive and updated window trim. It was such a relief to find Devin had answers to so many of the issues that held us back from painting and updating sooner. Devin allowed us to test out several options of paint samples as he wanted to be sure we would be happy with the decision. He answered all of our questions, always making us feel welcome to ask them and leaving us satisfied with the answers. I really appreciated the discussions about sheen, tone, texture, etc. Devin and his team did the power washing, calking and other prep work as well as moving objects out of the way as it would have been difficult for us to do so. We were so happy with their work we entrusted them to additionally power wash our concrete and paint our shed as well. I also had the opportunity to share in some downtime with Devin, Andre and Eddy. I found them to be a genuinely kind, down to earth and respectful team who work well together. I will call them for future work. Sincerely, Rachel K. of Lake Oswego
Mike J
Mike J
Hue Renew Painting is an excellent young company, they cover just about anything that you may need done. Every job they take on is completed in a timely and professional manner, No job is to small or to big. They go above and beyond your expectations and well make sure you are satisfied. You won't regret choosing Hue Renew Painting for the job!

Everything looks so great!

Lynn Portland OR Painting - Interior - For Business

Devin did an outstanding job refinishing my wood doors that were terribly damaged by animals! I'm sure others would have simply tossed them out and spent thousands on new ones. I like redoing old things. Devin did that...they changed the entire feel of the space. Thanks so very much!!!

Mary Gresham OR Exterior Painting

Mr. Bird is so nice and really knows what he is doing. He helped me with deciding what paint to use and gave me some great advice. My home feels brand new again. It looks so wonderful! He did such a professional job. I am going to use them again and recommend him to my friends and family.

Stephanie Portland OR Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen

Hue Renew Painting is amazing! They were quick and efficient. We have received so many compliments on not only the paint job but the coloring too! Devin Bird, the owner of the company, helped give his expert advice when choosing the coloring and it turned out perfectly! I will use them every time and always recommend this company when anyone needs painting done 🙂 ~Rachel

Rachel Portland OR Realtor

Devin from Hue Renew came in, very professional quite clean, set up containment and painted a bunch of rooms in my home, and was cleaned up in a flash. He was honestly barely there. Yet the paint job was immaculate! Every detail was addressed and the job done with the utmost skill and professionalism. I highly recommend Hue Renew, and specifically, Devin Bird, for any and all paint projects a person could need in their home.

Philip St. Helens OR Interior paint on walls

Devin from Hue Renew came in, very professional quite clean, set up containment and painted a bunch of Hue Renew Painting is an excellent young company the owner is super professional and punctual, they are able to do any job in a timely manner and meet any deadlines, and the work they do is top of the line. I highly recommend them for any job or project that you may need done. No job is too big or to small for them to handle. Detail was addressed and the job done with the utmost skill and professionalism. I highly recommend Hue Renew, and specifically, Devin Bird, for any and all paint projects a person could need in their home.

Michael Portland OR Property